Private tattoo sessions

Private tattoo studio based in Rotterdam city, Netherlands.
Realistic style tattoo artworks, custom made designs.

Your Idea... Our vision...

Bring us anything you like, and we give you custom made solution .


Minimum price is 100e - tattoo project doable in 2 hours.
Day sessions
Up to  7 -8hours -  350e.
up to  9-10hours- 400e.
Deposite 50e via bank transfer.

How much work we can have done in session time, depends on a design structure, body placement, as well your skin type. If the project is small, we can name you the full price. If your request like a full sleeve or all back or something like this, then we just can predict approximate duration and cost.  Just contact us with your idea, and we will discuss everything.


Deposits made for tattoos are non-refundable. Your deposit will be redeemed at the end of the tattoo session. Tattoo appointments may only be rescheduled one time and must be done at least 4 days before your original appointment date and time.  

You may lose your deposit if;
You don’t show up for your appointment.
- You don’t give us at least 4 days notice of a rescheduled appointment.
- You are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment (PLEASE contact even if you are going to be one minute late to let us know you are on your way).
- You show up but you have decided to get a different tattoo than what was previously discussed. This will forfeit your tattoo deposit. (You can always change your mind! The tattoo is for all your life, so you have to be sure about your decision. But if in this case means, we have to design another composition for your new idea, your deposit will turn into consultation fee and another new deposit will be required to book a new appointment).
- You show up intoxicated. Even one drink or a little high is not acceptable. We need your full and sober consent.  
- You have no ID or some proof or your identity.

By placing a tattoo deposit you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions. Any questions regarding your deposit should be asked before placing the deposit.
Why deposits are so important? It shows your seriousness as a client. You have to understand this is our main job and any clients who do not come - it means an unproductive day for us. After we receive your deposit, we sure you are the serious one, and it will be a full pleasure to work with you.

Workflow explain

We will try to visually explain the duration of the process with some images of our portfolio. These few examples will let you predict estimate duration, and probably the cost of your desire idea, for tattoo artwork you planning to get.  But always keep in mind, every design is different, skin type and body placement as well, and if the process goes a bit longer when we expect, you have to accept it.

*** these four images indicate two days sessions in a row (2 x 8hours)

*** these four images indicate 1.5 day sessions (1x 8 and 1x 4-5 hours)

*** these four images indicate one day session (1x 8 hours)

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